I am so glad you have stopped in to check out my newborn blog! My desire to be a successful writer is almost (but not quite) matched by the fear that I can’t do this at all. I remember when I first started riding a road bike (super skinny tires, handlebars lower than the saddle, shoes that clip to the pedals.) That first summer I found every way possible to fall over, usually in front of other cyclists and motorists. After the eighth consecutive phone conversation with my mom relating my latest kiss with the pavement she commented, “I don’t understand why you keep doing something you are so bad at.” She is not usually cruel that way and will probably deny she ever said it, but it’s true. My response was, “I like it, well, not the falling part, but all the rest of it.” Writing is like that, but more so.  Writing is therapy and escape and growth. It can also be a little bit like picking scabs. Sorry, but you know what I mean, don’t lie and say you don’t. It is agony sometimes and yet I can’t stop doing it. True love or psychopathology? The jury is still out, but I hope that  you will join me on the road to verdict, and that there aren’t too many crashes along the way.

3 thoughts on “Exciting and terrifying.

  1. Kerin Gleason

    Well, all I can say is if you write as good as you blog, I am going to be VERY entertained. Scabs and everything. Having kissed a few pieces of ground myself (albeit due to horseflesh rather than bicycle balance), I certainly can relate. Keep me posted on what you publish! Love it!

  2. Robin Burtzel

    I really enjoy your stories, you bring in the “just being human” aspect. Which can be entertaining. I will look forward to more stories from you.

  3. Kay Young

    As you predicted–Mom took exception. I can’t imagine I would ever have told any of my daughters they were bad at anything! In my defense, I will say I kind of remember the incident as being amazed (and impressed) that you would stick with something that caused you so much pain. But that is all a matter of perceptioon at this point–and your sisters undoubtedly have their own stories of Mom’s lapses! Love your blog–love you!


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