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Warriors on Wheels: Tour de Cure’s Cynthia Zuber

This is the second installment of the Warriors on Wheels series which is intended to celebrate unique individuals who transcend their diagnosis, and promote Tour de Cure, the event they participate in to help defeat diabetes. Ride. Party. Stop Diabetes.

Cynthia Zuber recently observed the twenty-fifth anniversary of her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis. Diabetes wasn’t the end of her life, but it wasn’t the end of her health difficulties, either. She was later diagnosed with other conditions, such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and multiple food allergies. As Cynthia says, “Diabetes + food allergies = very challenging,” and as a result, she takes her health very seriously.

Five and a half years ago she began seeing a classical homeopath whose interventions have helped her naturally regulate her blood sugar levels, reducing, though not eliminating, her need for insulin. “I have found that holistic therapies have helped me feel my best, and let me live life well even with chronic health conditions,” she says. Homeopathy, Shiatsu massage, an organic whole foods diet, a daily walk and yoga 2-3 times a week are a handful of the things Cynthia does to stay in balance physically and emotionally. “Exercise is an everyday must,” she emphasizes, “as well as proper sleep, a good diet and controlling stress.”

Cynthia is a St. Kate’s graduate with a BS in speech communication and minors in psychology and theology. She is currently taking classes part-time that put her on track to become a holistic health practitioner specializing in healing touch and homeopathy. “I want to share the holistic therapies I have found to help others live a healthy and happy life. Health challenges do not have to limit you. Holistic treatments integrated with traditional medicine can greatly reduce symptoms, allowing people to live a much better life and accomplish their goals.”

One goal that Cynthia has for 2012 is a return to the Twin Cities Tour de Cure. She first rode the Tour in 2011, signing up two weeks before the event, and riding 27 miles on a mountain bike. She had mixed results from the experience, finding her lack of experience with cycling to be a challenge for controlling her blood sugars that day, but she was more than impressed with the overall event.  “Being a Red Rider [a Tour participant who wears the iconic red jersey that indicates they ride with diabetes] and being part of the community of the American Diabetes Association, I have never met kinder people with more passion for a cause. They call themselves family, and they really are. The whole experience is one of being supported, encouraged, and cared for.” This year Zuber plans to ride the 27 mile route again, only this time with more training under her belt, and a lighter bike.

Another goal Cynthia has acted on to help share her passion is her blog, Diabetes Light: My holistic journey to health, which she began in December and on which she offers information about holistic health practices, perspectives on living with chronic health conditions and even recipes. To learn more, check out her blog at http://diabeteslight.com. If you like what you see, click the “Like” button, and/or find the Diabetes Light community on Facebook and join in! For more information about the Tour de Cure and options to join in, volunteer or donate, check out their website: http://www.diabetes.org/twincitiestourdecure.

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Technical Difficulties…Please Stand By

I have been working on an important post but it’s not done and I have to go pick up a kid, there’s shopping to do and dinner to cook (do we seriously have to eat every dang day?) and I just picked up a post from Word Press about how to enhance my blog with extra special tweet functionality! So I am setting the real post aside to vent a little about how I AM TRYING to keep up, but am STILL NEW to this tweeting business, not to mention that I still don’t KNOW what a blog pingback is or if it is a problem that I do it to myself once in awhile I think by accident but I’M NOT SURE? Here is how the super tweet post starts:

“As an update to our ever-popular Tweet embedding functionality we’re supporting Twitter’s new embed API to enable richer, better looking, and more functional Tweets inside your blog posts. To embed a Tweet just put a permalink to it on its own line or use our new shortcode that allows for extra formatting.”

To hell with that–what does that even MEAN? Are they MAKING FUN OF ME?  I think they are.

I helped my mom fix the volume on her laptop yesterday. At least she still thinks I am a techno rock star. Pbbbbthh.

I’m a Fan…of Pioneer Woman

I have a couple of new blog series (serieses?) I am considering doing. One is “I’m a Fan…” wherein I will tell you all about what I am finding worthy of shouting about these days, for instance, today’s topic: “Pioneer Woman Cooks.”  The other series would be “My Favorite Places” where I will share where I love to be and why. If you like the posts even a little bit, I need you to indicate that in one of two ways. The fast way is to click the “like” button at the bottom of the post. The slower but more creatively stimulating way is to leave a comment and share your thoughts on things or places you like, or whatever you feel inspired to say. If you really, really like it tell some (or all) of your friends to come visit, too.  If I don’t get much feedback, I’ll gather that I am blogging up the wrong tree and let it go. These will be series in the sense that there will be more than one post on the topic, but not in the sense that they will be back to back. I gotta go where the muse sends me (she can be very pushy–and fickle, but don’t tell her I said that.)

I am a fan of the blog “Pioneer Woman Cooks.”  at http://www.pioneerwoman.com. My friend Suzy turned me on to this and I am so thankful she did. Ree Drummond has this fantastic story about being a corporate city girl who ended up marrying a cowboy and living on a ranch in Oklahoma, where she has written cookbooks and is developing a cooking show. She also blogs about photography, home and garden stuff and home schooling, but I don’t follow it all because I don’t have time to read it. I can’t fathom how she has time to do it all AND photograph it AND blog about it. I still haven’t picked a color for my dining room. She’d have her whole ranch painted by now. Anyway, what I love about Ree is how self-effacing and funny she is while also being clever and seductive in the way of food lust. Even the recipes I would never want to make for myself (let alone the small, ungrateful troop of Philistines I call my family) I end up reading with longing. You may experience envy seeing her photos and reading what she is up to, but you will never begrudge her her life because you will come to believe (as I have,) that if you and she knew each other, you would be the best of friends. So to recap: Pioneer Woman, really good ideas, super fun reading, cooking, photography, home/garden, giggles.

You can click on a link to her blog to the right under Blogroll. Don’t forget to click “Like” if you liked this post, or leave a comment and tell me what you think of her, or what blog you love right now or whatever you want. Thanks for stopping in! ♥