We took a driving trip to Yellowstone this summer, which means we crossed Minnesota, North Dakota and most of Montana. It was more beautiful than I had expected. The flooding Missouri River was alarming, the North Dakota Badlands were amazing and the Montana landscapes were breathtaking, too. At one point after we’d entered Montana, I noted that the horizon ahead of us was marked by jagged rock formations. I looked around and realized the the interstate bisected a large circular area completely ringed by tooth-like rock monoliths. Then I thought, what if we were inside the mouth of giant predatory geographic structure that would snap shut upon us like a stone-and-earth Venus Flytrap? That’s what I think about on long trips. What do you think about?

1 thought on “Thinking?

  1. Kerin Gleason

    Hmmm. you’re much more imaginative – and appreciative – than I am. The whooshing road noise, the sun’s warmth mixing with the cool air-conditioned breeze, the gentle kathump, kathump of the tires going over the road section ridges. . my mouth and my eyelids are soooo heavy and I just…can’t………fight……….zzzzzz. (So much for enjoying the view!)


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