What Happened?

Gasp! I missed a day? How did that happen? I guess church, then helping put in a new automatic garage door opener on a blistering hot afternoon, in between chats with the neighbors, got me all distracted. Let’s call it a day of rest–from the blog, anyway. We could probably all use one. Now it is back to business. Except that I am still distracted: by hunger, by the mess from my dining room furniture being in my living room (because the dining room still isn’t painted,) by another trip to State Services for the Blind to read coming up, an article to research, possible opportunities pending to help out the American Diabetes Association, the fact my kids are glued to all things electronic and it is my job and privilege to force them into a better balance, and criminy, why am I not working on that novel? The clear priority is lunch. Now if only I had some food…

Don’t forget to comment on “When the Meteor Hits, Plus a Chance to Win!” for a chance to win a handcrafted recycled plastic market bag. Contest ends at 4pm central time today!

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