Be My Scooter Hero

I spent nearly three hours applying decals to the windows of  BRX fitness today, home of my beloved Kettlebell, Pilates and Zumba workouts. It turned out very well, but it burned off a good bit of my brain function and energy. Then I took the boys to Target where school supply and miscellaneous shopping took another bite out of what I had left. Finally I spent nearly two more hours doggedly clicking my way across the internet trying to find my big birthday present: a motor scooter. It didn’t help that I routinely type scooter as ‘scotter’ or ‘schooter.’ I know only marginally more than I did when I started, and I am through. So maybe you can help me, or know someone who can. I want a scooter that can go 50-60 mph (150cc engine,) gets at least 70 miles/gallon, with storage for a gallon of milk and a few other items, for under $2750. Most of the websites tell me what I want to know about speed, mileage and price, but they list storage space as “plentiful” or “cavernous.” I don’t know what that means. Why can’t they describe it in terms of gallons of milk, or breadboxes?

This will be my ride around town for six months of the year (give or take.) Regarding style, I lean more toward classic Vespa-like than I do motorcycle wannabe. Which means that I think pretending to be a biker chick on a scooter is ridiculous, but going for a Euro look at a Japanese price just makes sense. My friend Kelly, who rides a REAL motorcycle (see link to “So then SHE said,”) has been very supportive, but deep down I suspect she giggles when I am not looking. Which is okay, because I know what I want, just not what it’s called or how to get it. So if you have any thoughts on the subject, please comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “Be My Scooter Hero

  1. Kelly Thompson

    Two things: 1) If I were giggling at you, I would do it in front of you so you could join in. 2) Try searching for a Retro Vespa Moped 150cc (KK150RT). I think it’s got the styling you want and the price but the storage could be an issue. With some of them, you can get a matching trunk mounted on the back for not much more cost.

    Vroom, vroom, baby (giggle, giggle)


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