Crushing Monsters

I was reading Salem’s Lot by Stephen King for my October ambience read and was struck by a couple of things. First, I noticed how tiny the size of the font used in the paperback is and how old and squinty my eyes are. Second, I noted what traditional vampires King’s monsters were, compared to the mutations that have hit popular culture since his book was published in 1975. And thirdly, (and here Mr. Wordtabulous would point out that I have exceeded the ‘couple’ of things I referred to in the first sentence, couple meaning two and not three, but Mr. W. doesn’t read this blog so pbbbbththhhh,) there is an interesting spiritual bit in the battle between Callahan, the priest, and the ancient vampire, Barlow. I suppose I need to warn you there could be spoilers here, but honestly, the book is over thirty-five years old. Consider yourself warned. Barlow has the boy, Mark, in his grasp and is facing off against the priest. Callahan, crucifix in hand, is all full of righteousness, and is literally glowing with the light of his convictions. Barlow is sly, and offers to release the boy and face Callahan “mono e mono” if the priest cast away his cross. To save the boy, Callahan agrees and tells Mark to flee. Mark does. Callahan suddenly becomes afraid to give up the cross, but even before he can throw it away, the light of  it starts to dim until it is nothing but an ordinary piece of metal. The symbolic cross wasn’t saving him, his faith in God, in “the White,” was what channeled that devastating power. When Barlow challenged him to let go of the cross, the priest became momentarily confused about the source of the power and he stopped channeling. And then bad things happened. End of spoiler alert.

Okay, I do understand this is fiction, but this vignette does make me wonder what, exactly, I am channeling. As a Christian, I believe in a Creator with infinite power, and a Savior with the juice to transform humanity so that they can enter the kingdom of heaven, as well as a Spirit surrounding and filling me with that love and power all the time. Instead, I seem to be channeling a lot of anxiety and wimpiness. This has got to stop. I am going to try on some power and faith and see what little monsters I can crush beneath my boots.

4 thoughts on “Crushing Monsters

  1. Kelly Thompson

    Interesting observations. Cute boots. Don’t crush the monster. Monsters keep us from being complacent about the bad things that exist in the world. I’m reading Bradbury for Halloween…

    1. lynnettedobberpuhl Post author

      If I see Barlow, I’m crushing him. The monsters I am really going after are Anxiety and Wimpiness, though. How about I continue with my plan to crush actual monsters, but leave alone the monster STORIES, which I agree are there for the benefit of us all. Bradbury–Something Wicked or something else? And, yes, the boots–stay tuned…

  2. Kay Vallery Young

    I hear you, sister (er, daughter)! And, sorry, Kelly, I have to agree with Lynnette–she must continue to crush the monsters–there will always be more. And, of course, Stephen King, prolific as he is, is responsible for creating such a minute percentage of the whole. Why, I can create dozens in a single day (when I’m not seriously channeling my Lord and Saviour). The battle continues. . . .

    But, apart from that–completely apart–I’m totally blown away by you girls and your “So then SHE said”. You are cutting edge hillarious, and at the same time very thought-provoking. Love you guys together!


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