Thursday Thoughts, Vol. 2

Saw two great, completely unrelated movies today: My Life Without Me, which held me spellbound and resulted in me cancelling my chiropractic appointment so I could watch to the end even though I have DVR. Made me cry a little, and vow to be a better person. Watch it! Everybody, I am talking to you! Also: Men In Black. I love that clever, funny, malecentric show! Noisy Cricket! Funny, the world needs more funny. Hopefully I will be viewing Elf this weekend with my church lady gurrls. In the spirit of fellowship we will be watching some holiday flick, eating and exfoliating our hands with a sugar scrub.

Here is my recipe for a homemade sugar scrub that will leave your hands or feet so silky soft for pennies: 2 Tbsp. sugar stirred up with 1 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, optionally you can add a few drops of essential oil or the zest of two oranges for a refreshing scent. Mix well and rub one tsp. gently into your skin. Rinse away with a small amount of liquid soap. You are welcome!

I am conflicted. I have a couple of novels I am working on, about which I feel pretty good. One is in revision, one is in process. They both need a lot of work. I have one memoir completed (Hollywood University, two chapters up for your review under Blogroll over there in the right column,) but no idea where to send it. Eight rejections to date is nothing, NOTHING, in the world of publication seekers, but I carefully research the folks I send it to. I don’t throw queries around like glitter, friends. I am seriously not knowing where to go next with this. Let it ride? Wait for God to provide the opening at the right time? Or is God waiting for me to show the persistence needed to carry this thing through? I hate these questions. I’ll keep looking but I think I might need to work on some noveling too.

Just had the awesomest (thank you for the word, Amy of Lucy’s Football) time writing the next blog post of So then SHE said…with my BFF Kelly. Think “Password” meets “Who’s on First.” Check it out! Hope you like it. Love!

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