Blogger Awards-Taking a Stand

At the risk of revealing myself as a HORRIBLE person (said with a gutteral Germanic emphasis on the H and a rolling of the r’s,) and alienating everyone who has done or said anything nice to me, can I just say, “Enough with the blogger awards already?” I don’t know what’s worse, scrolling through a post to find out I didn’t win the nomination of a blogger I love or that I did. Not being nominated is like being the girl left out of the slumber party invite (why doesn’t she like me? what is wrong with me? I bet she invited that other girl because she has a pool.) Being nominated is like winning a spot in a pyramid scheme (oh boy, now I’ve got to find a bunch of blogs I haven’t already touted, make sure they meet some imaginary level of fabulosity and inflict  upon them this cycle of crazy.) If it seems that I am impossible to please, let me tell you that this is to some extent true, which only makes it more difficult to find blogs I like. I am REALLY picky. And arbitrary. I reject some blogs because too many other people already like them. And, I am one of those bloggers that really reads the posts. I read them, and I think about them and I comment on a lot of them. Because I am all about the relationships. Which is TIME-CONSUMING. And probably a little compulsive. Whatever, I have no time to deal with my mental health issues because of the aforementioned blogging. Ultimately every single blogger will win an award and I say, why wait for that to happen? Can we not all agree that every one of us deserves an award for getting one of these things up and running, having the confidence to say something out into the world that anybody else (including trolls) can see and possibly harsh on, and going forth and seeking inspiration, connection and relationships in the blogosphere? Even the porn people? Thank you, those who nominate me, but if you love it, share the post. That is what I will be doing.

11 thoughts on “Blogger Awards-Taking a Stand

  1. SusanWritesPrecise

    As much as my ego and I love and crave the recognition, I must agree with Lynette. Admittedly, I get all jazzed-up over receiving a blogging award. It’s exciting as heck. In fact, it’s the kind of exciting that makes me wish I could call my mom, (of blessed memory) and tell her all about it. But having to choose only a certain number of fellow-bloggers as recipients means that lot of writers are left out, which isn’t so jazz-inspiring.

    So, that’s my two cents.

  2. lifeinthefarcelane

    “I reject some blogs because too many other people already like them”

    I totally disagree with that statement (some of the blogs I follow have hundreds and hundreds of followers and I enjoy them) for all I do note the epidemic of awards flying around.. That said, I well recall the thrill of my first ever award back when I 1st starting blogging 6 months ago.. so try to pay it back by entering into the spirit of it. Esp as I do follow some incredible blogs and want others to enjoy them 🙂

    1. lynnettedobberpuhl Post author

      I was unclear. I don’t reject the super popular blogs themselves, I just don’t consider them for awards because they are already so well-known and don’t need the press. I loved my first award too! But it took me forever to make my “Pass it on” list and I wondered if that is what it was like for people I nominated. You voice some very reasonable responses, which I appreciate. I have a counterpoint in my own head who tells me to “Say thank you and shut up,” who obviously is nowhere near as kind as you are in rebuttal, but I just feel I’d rather share blogs in my own time and way, rather than feeling pressed into someone else’s format. Thank you for reading and contributing to the discussion!

      1. lifeinthefarcelane

        Ah I did misunderstand, my apologies 🙂

        Like you, I will link to blogs I enjoy by “threading” them into one of my posts if I can .. I definitely think pressure isn’t a good thing when it comes to blog (pyramid, I like that term!) awards..I know I found it a challenge to cherry pick only 5 recently!

  3. lucysfootball

    I’m in complete agreement. While any award is exciting and makes you feel like Sally Field, all “you LIKE me! You REALLY LIKE ME!” I don’t feel like they should be so much work. And I just feel too awful passing that work along to someone else. I think there are “real” awards – I want to say they’re Bloggys? Or something? And I don’t think they’re as pyramid-schemey. So let’s angle ourselves toward those, Lynnette! 🙂

  4. BuddhaKat

    Sooooooo nicely said… as I sit here meekly trying to 1) create outstanding posts and 2) hope no one notices and gives me an award (though my poor neglected ego cries out for it), cuz it’s soooo much work to “fulfill the requirements”… I am torn by the ambiguity of my feelings… so what else is new!?!?!? I’m with you, sistah!!! 😉


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