Hey, there. Missed you.

I happened to catch up with an old wordpress friend, lahikmajoe, today (“old” as in haven’t interacted in a very long time, and “catch up” as in I saw his post on Twitter, followed the link to his blog, commented, he commented back and visited one of my old posts and commented…it’s the digital-age version of catching up and reminiscing over coffee.) It has been nearly a year since I have posted anything, and well over a year since I posted any of my so-called “normal” material. I was knocked out by how much I have missed this blog and you people (assuming you are still out there.)

Back then I was fearful and busy and struggling to find something to say. The badly-fitting job I tried so hard at collapsed, but more time didn’t mean more writing. There was a long dark night of searching my soul, a reboot of my writing in “Safe Mode,” and finally another iteration of me as a working person. Now I am working furiously (figuratively, but sometimes literally also) and taking a class and doing a project, and all the  family and church stuff, and still searching. Now, however, I am searching more hopefully, gratefully, and with more of an attitude of acceptance and interest than fear.

I ask myself, do I have time for one more thing? Do I have time to formulate my crazy spinning tangential thinking into a coherent message on a semi-regular basis? Probably not, but I am not sure coherent messaging was ever my strong suit. The real question is, will I have time later? No one knows. I am feeling a little fragile upon hearing of Robin Williams’ death today, and maybe that too is moving me back into this space. We can’t definitely say that me catching lahikmajoe’s tweet in that brief moment before it rolled to the bottom of the feed and off the edge of the earth is actually a sign the universe is beckoning me back to the blogosphere. But if it feels like it, a little, that tells me something.

So, I am back, and really curious to see what I have to say. Thanks for visiting.


An affirmation from a very helpful book, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers


5 thoughts on “Hey, there. Missed you.

  1. Carrie Rubin

    Good to hear from you. I wish you well on your new path. Sounds like you’ve made some changes.

    As for Robin Williams, I hadn’t heard that yet. I’ve been away much of the day for my son’s high school orientation and then was reading fiction. Guess I should go check out the news. How sad. 😦

    1. lynnettedobberpuhl Post author

      Thank you Carrie! Sorry to hear about your mom; hope you all come through whole and stronger. I guess this is what the sandwich generation is all about. It IS very sad about Robin Williams, for many reasons. Stay well, and great to hear from you!

  2. Michele

    I’m looking forward to more Wordtabulous – Catabulous, Mr. Wordtabulous. I appreciate the Susan Jeffers book reference too. I read it back before I had even met Rodger and it helped me as well… Love you, Sis!

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