Worry Bubble

This was the kind of day that felt like I got nothing done. I cooked a couple of meals, did some dishes, dragged my boys out to help a friend move some big furniture, got groceries, fixed a neighbor boy’s bike, did a little reading, worked out, contacted a source for an article, exchanged some emails, bugged one boy to do some reading and bugged both boys to do some dishes (not because I can’t but because they should,) baked a cake with homemade sour cream frosting, and watched E.T.  (the Extraterrestrial, not Entertainment Tonight.) How is that nothing? I’m self-conscious about the issue of no time card, no paycheck–those details add a sense of consequence to actions. My days as strictly a freelancer are numbered. Eventually my qualifications will meet a situation and make a love connection and this era of footloose fancy free-dom will be over. Have I wasted my at-home opportunity worrying about not doing enough?

Do you see how impossible I am to live with? I worry I’ve done nothing, then I worry that I’ve worried too much about it. Next, I’ll be worrying that I’ve done too much trying to offset worries that others think I’ve done too little. Enough! All I have to do is look around at my mom, my sister, and way too many of my friends to realize that none of this matters right now. Life is a gift and needs to be appreciated, not worried away. I can’t control a lot in life, but I can decide to pop my worry bubble whenever I see it building. Instead of fussing about how much gets done or what value it has, I’ll just do, be, connect, embrace, reject and be grateful. If I can do that, I’ll never have a “nothing done” day again.

7 thoughts on “Worry Bubble

  1. Kay Vallery Young

    Amen! I’m going to copy this, highlight the last half of the last paragraph, and put it on my wall (a great time to have an unfinished basement office–I can tape stuff everywhere!) I’d suggest you do the same–and read it daily!

  2. Kerin Gleason

    Hey, you can always call me to help out! I love popping bubbles – especially when they leave lots of gooey pink stuff in your hair and ears.

    And after the 5 minute gorge-yourself-with-oreo-cookies-and-milk-pity-party is finished, you can exclaim…”WOW, did you see the SIZE of that thing!! And I’m still here! That was absolutely AWESOME!”.

    And we can both jump up and down with squeals of delite – no, that’s what happens when you whack a lightbulb – delight and follow up with … ICE CREAM!!

    Oooh, ooh, can I come over now?


  3. Julie Herbst

    I don’t know, sounds to me like you did plenty! I’m sure I’ll be up this week needing my bubble popped given the fact it’s almost August 1st…


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