Top 10 Things I Do When I Should Be Noveling

10.  knitting, or crocheting, or some other archaic pastime (living history!)

9.  checking my sons’ grades on the internet (terrifying)

8.  searching my pantry for carbs (chocolate? graham crackers? stale crackers? good enough!)

7.  playing beyond Tetris on my phone; I am not getting any better (so ashamed…)

6.  checking my wordtabulous site stats (am I relevant?)

5.  babytalking to the cat (we both like that)

4.  checking my email; surely someone has sent me some charming forwards (see the silent monks singing the Hallelujah Chorus at

3.  checking out the blogs I follow and trying to give some thoughtful comments to show I care (because I do!)

2.  getting sucked into whatever reality nonsense Mr. Wordtabulous is watching at the time (Marathon Boy-horrifying and fascinating)

1.  blogging my dysfunctional life approach for all to enjoy (Cheers! Now go get something done!)

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I Do When I Should Be Noveling

  1. Kay Vallery Young

    Please, PLEASE, PUHLEEZE come and search my pantry–we didn’t have enough trick-or-treaters, and I can see it in my face, nevermind the thighs and belly! Yikes!!!!!

      1. Kay Vallery Young

        The chocolate is still here (minus the Milky Ways, Twix and Snickers–which just leaves Reese’s PB Cups, M & Ms–well, peanut ones are gone too–sorry) Anyway, the Skittles are almost gone–as are the Starbursts. Hurry! No way 3 water aerobics and yoga classes a week are going to keep up with this!!!

      2. lynnettedobberpuhl Post author

        I’ve got my own problems, lady. I have a good portion of one chocolate birthday cake with sour cream chocolate frosting and most of a white cake with Caramel Frosting sitting on my counter, screaming at me to come eat them every waking minute, and some of the sleeping ones, too. I suggest putting the candy in the basement freezer; gives you more time to think the better of eating it, plus you burn a couple more calories than on the way to the pantry. Or there is the garbage can…

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