When Time Stops, Moonlit Moment

Words streaming through my brain, linking, twisting, and rejoining—urgently and repeatedly, drove me from my bed at 4:38 this morning. Intent upon capturing some and exorcising others, I slunk down the stairs to find my west facing living room aglow in moonlight. I stopped, as did the words in my head. As much as I admire sunrises and sunsets in all their varying colorful glamour, the moon exerts a pull on my heart as of tides. Her cool monochromatic sublimity loosens my grip on the fevered daytime strivings that have followed me into the night. Stop now. See. Breathe.

9 thoughts on “When Time Stops, Moonlit Moment

  1. Michele

    Whenever I see moon photos, I always remember one night when I pointed out the moon through the window to my little boy — thinking that watching it would calm him down and get him to go to sleep. Mmmm— no. He stood up excitedly ON the bed, then jumped down and RAN from one window to the next with an excited, “MOON! MOON! MOON!” He didn’t have a very big vocabulary at that point, but boy, was he excited about that word! Moon! Love it! Love you!

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    1. lynnettedobberpuhl Post author

      THANK YOU! It is a big line. I looked at it a long time. I considered the possibility I was biting off more than was palatable with all the words. But sometimes, when wrestling with the words, the words take on a life of their own, and I chose in this case to submit. Because I love them, too.


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