Clicking the Reset Button

Whoo.  The worst thing about vacations is that inevitable moment when you face the mess that you left, or that accumulated while you were gone and have to ask yourself, “Was it worth it?” Yes, I am sure, on an intellectual level, that it was, but my gut cringes at the laundry that still remains, the tasks left undone, the feeling that there is a ticking time bomb buried in here somewhere and the craven hope that I will be quite close when it goes off. So at least I get out of doing the laundry. This is all small stuff. Bigger stuff is here too, like the death of a loved one. Mr. Wordtabulous’ grandmother died while we were on vacation and her funeral was Monday. I was so focused on celebrating her long and fruitful life that my tears in the parking lot at work caught me by surprise the next day. Grief puts everyday concerns (like stupid, user-antagonistic software and self-image issues) into perspective, but also taxes the system overall. Everything this week has seemed a little sadder and somewhat more pointless. I am okay with wading around in the shallows while the blues work themselves out, but when I start to get into deep water and the waves are lapping up around my face I look for help. I find this video by OK Go helpful. It has a message I like, but mostly it just makes me laugh. So I thought I’d share it with you, because maybe you could use a laugh too.

Don’t be put off by the marching band, go ahead and play it. I’ll wait.

See what I mean? OK Go first came to my attention years ago with their Here It Goes Again treadmill video, and I also like their White Knuckles. Last Leaf is amazing, but if you are feeling blue, then for heaven’s sake don’t watch it last or you will be so melancholy you will want to go nap under a blanket for a week.

Music is amazing for building or altering mood. I can be struggling along and then I hear that one tune that resets everything, like a carpenter’s chalk line, pulled taut, then snapping back. (The internet has failed me; I was looking for an image to illustrate this. Either it is an incredibly difficult shot to capture or no one has realized how apt the snapping chalk line is as a metaphor. Just another thing to let go of.)

So, what songs reset your day?

4 thoughts on “Clicking the Reset Button

  1. lizsturm

    My condolences to you and Mr. Word about his grandmother. I had seen that OK Go song with the Rube Goldberg Machine version that was on TED talks. My favourite “happy” song is Life is Sweet by Natalie Merchant. But you are right — sometimes you have to push the reset button (or “reboot” as we call it ’round here.) Hope things improve soon!

    1. lynnettedobberpuhl Post author

      Thanks for the sympathy! I’ve seen that Rube Goldberg Machine version and liked it, but something about that marching band and the gilly suits out in the field just makes me smile. Another favorite happy song is Shambala by Three Dog Night. I have never heard that Natalie Merchant song. Thanks for pointing me to it! We say reboot, too. Things are getting better, they always do, thank God!

  2. Kelly Thompson

    Ah, Shambala – good friend gave me that song on a comp CD. OK Go is who I listen to to pump me up when I know I’m going to have a really tough day. B-52’s provide a good happy high, too!

  3. Mich

    Mandisa & TobyMac – “It’s a Good Morning” and Mercy Me, “Gotta Move”, Paul Colman’s “One Thing”– and when I’m crabby at my husband, “Start Somewhere” by TobyMac. Fun stuff! Love you, Lynnette!


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