Does It Make An Impression?

I had such a nice thing happen today. I got permission from Marian Call to use one of her songs to accompany a quirky video I did last summer when the office where I worked was shutting down and nobody but me came in for days at a time and all I was doing was packing up and throwing things out and wondering what I was going to do with the next part of my life and it felt like a funeral. So I dressed casually and listened to my iPod and did the things on my to-do list. One of the things to-do was to remove this huge mural:

mural resized

It was a media relations agency. It was not snowing in the office when I took this picture in case that is what you are thinking. That is dust on my lens which is so embarrassing, but there is nothing I can do about it now. Because, as I said, the mural had to come down. There are no more retakes. The tree was made from one long piece of sticky plastic that came off quite nicely with the help of a blow dryer. Each letter was the same kind of thing. Almost right away, I was thinking, “this is kind of cool, with the music on and the slow, stretchy release of the plastic creating an empty space in the clutter.” Fortunately, after I got the first five lines down plus the question mark at the end, I thought, “Maybe someone ELSE is odd enough to find this interesting.” So I pulled out my smartphone and recorded this video and later added in the music of Marian Call, who I adore and who was gracious enough to let me share it with you. Please watch, and if you like, please share. Please also click on Marian’s name anywhere in this post to listen to more of her music on her bandcamp website. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Does It Make An Impression?

    1. lynnettedobberpuhl Post author

      Please check out her albums, I love them so much! Thanks for stopping in and your kind words as always. I have been away from wordpress too much lately, I need to catch up on your site and all the other great bloggers I enjoy!

  1. lucysfootball

    Yay, Marian Call! She is so wonderful. I love her. I’ll have to watch your video later (on vacation this weekend) but I can’t wait – I bet it’s awesome!

  2. Pete Thompson

    Hey Lynnette: I like your blog, and I also liked this particular video– if only because I’ve been incarcerated in various corporate offices in the past where I’ve wanted to tear off their glib pronouncements about productivity or teamwork from the walls after a particular hard day at work.

    Pete (Ann Thompson’s brother)


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