What Would Socrates Say?

“If you don’t write it down, it didn’t happen.” Okay, for the most part that isn’t true, but one area in which it is would be my “I should blog about…” list. After doing a few serious posts in a row, I felt like I wanted to write something fun, but life has been…well, serious lately and I was having trouble finding inspiration. Then it hit me–***. That is correct, I didn’t write it down and now I have no idea what I was thinking about doing. My hands were probably in dishwater, or I had an armload of laundry (yeah, I’m a fun girl.) I remember smiling with relief when this mystery topic popped into my head, and thinking, “yeah, that’s kind of amusing, people will relate to that. I’ve thought about writing on it before, so there’s no worry I am going to go and forget it…I’ll just finish what I’m doing first.” Great idea, Lynnette. This is really annoying because I should know better; I try to have notepads and pens handy at all times for just this reason, though I haven’t figured out an effective way to do this in the shower. Socrates wrote, “Know thyself.” Good advice. I bet he wrote that one down right when he thought of it.

2 thoughts on “What Would Socrates Say?

  1. Janice Sylvia

    My friends and I call those “lost” revelations “secrets” – as in, “I just figured out . . . but it’s a secret!” But then, we’re really old. : )

  2. Kay Vallery Young

    Good one! I’m afraid there have been times when I wouldn’t want to know anyone like me–but that’s a kind of sad revelation, I realize. So the project continues to make me into the kind of person I WOULD like to know.


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