Truly Wordtabulous

Made up a new word today: ass-weasel, as in “Firing me was a real ass-weasel move.” I wasn’t fired, but the protagonist in my novel was. Bad luck. I guess I can’t claim to have made that word up, since what I did was only to combine two well-known words in a way that I have never heard used before, but which possibly lots of people use all the time. In case it is a new word, please consider it my gift to you. Use it wisely though, don’t want it getting all used up and grody. Like the phrase, “In it to win it.” I could be quite happy never hearing THAT again. Can I get an “Amen?”

I also came up with something last night while listening to my husband snore, and I am quite sure this IS a new word: Snufurgulent, as in “Snufurgulent tones emanated from deep in his throat and quivered in the night air. She laid awake next to him, thinking of new words.” Ladies, am I right?

4 thoughts on “Truly Wordtabulous

  1. joem18b

    “ass weasel” is defined in the Urban Dictionary, though probably not in the way you used it.

    The stars of Stephen King’s book Dreamweaver are the shit weasels. May you have the same success as King!

  2. Kay Vallery Young

    Right on, my dear! Unfortunately I think Mr. Young might have more opportunities to use either of those words than I–so I am not sharing!!


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