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Truly Wordtabulous

Made up a new word today: ass-weasel, as in “Firing me was a real ass-weasel move.” I wasn’t fired, but the protagonist in my novel was. Bad luck. I guess I can’t claim to have made that word up, since what I did was only to combine two well-known words in a way that I have never heard used before, but which possibly lots of people use all the time. In case it is a new word, please consider it my gift to you. Use it wisely though, don’t want it getting all used up and grody. Like the phrase, “In it to win it.” I could be quite happy never hearing THAT again. Can I get an “Amen?”

I also came up with something last night while listening to my husband snore, and I am quite sure this IS a new word: Snufurgulent, as in “Snufurgulent tones emanated from deep in his throat and quivered in the night air. She laid awake next to him, thinking of new words.” Ladies, am I right?